What is the Space Shuttle Program

  What is the Space Shuttle Program? Since 1972 the United States has been planning and developing one of the most important and innovative projects of all time; the Space Shuttle Program. NASA approached Congress with this basic idea; let’s spend a little more than you’d probably want to right now… to save a lot more than we’re spending now, later. The goal was to create a much cheaper program in accessing space than the previous means.
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10 Hubble Space Telescope Facts

    10 Hubble Space Telescope Facts   We’ve been building telescopes a long time, but the Hubble Space Telescope was the single greatest and most wondrous telescope man has ever built, not to mention most expensive… With its ingenious design, the array of complex parts, components, innovative technology or its power supply; the Hubble Space Telescope is [was] second to none. Few people know enough about the machine which gave humans sight and perspective
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10 Most Expensive Space Initiatives

  10 Most Expensive Space Initiatives Ever since the dawn of man, we’ve been looking up into the night’s sky and asking questions, searching for answers and only to find more questions. Humans are relentless, we’ll do whatever it takes to answer these questions, including spending tons and tons and tons of cash to take space exploration to the next level, again and again. And damn it, we’ll do it again if need be. This is
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10 Awesome Facts About the Sun

  10 Awesome Facts About The Sun When you look out into the night’s sky, you gaze upon hundreds, thousands, millions and billions, even trillions (if you have awesome eyesight) of stars. We rarely stop to think that we have one of those beautiful little specs of light in our Solar System; the Sun. Our star is critically important to the existence of our Solar System, our planet and even our lives; without it we
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10 Facts About Earth

  10 Facts About Earth – the Third Rock from the Sun For more information on Earth, check out our article: Cool Facts About Earth. Unlike most of the planets, you should already be extremely familiar with this one; Earth. You probably think because you live here and you’re like best friends with Mother Earth that you know all there is to know about this planet. Well, I’d be willing to bet you’ll learn a thing or two from this
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10 Facts About Venus

  For more information on Venus, check out our article: Cool Facts About Venus. 10 Facts About Venus – the Second Planet from the Sun Everybody loves Venus, maybe it’s because she’s the only planet in our Solar System named after a female or because she’s named after the Roman goddess of love… Either way, we love Venus and all of what makes her unique and special. Let’s take a look at 10 Facts About Venus,
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10 Facts About Mercury

  For more information on Mercury, check out our article: What Solar System Are We In. 10 Facts About Mercury – the First Planet from the Sun Regardless of how hard it’s been to get to know Mercury on the level we’ve desired, we now know more about this planet than ever before. With Mercury being the closest planet to the Sun, it’s very difficult to send spacecraft there to visit it, gather information and relay that back
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How Big is our Solar System

  For more information on our Solar System, check out our article: What Solar System Are We In? How Big is our Solar System and How Long Would it Take to Travel Within it? The Space Shuttle travels at roughly 28,000 miles per hour, which means in 24 Earth hours, you’d travel 672,000 total miles. You’d be able to travel around the Earth (at its surface) 26.9 times in a single day! Now let’s see how
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