Facebook: What’s your Favorite Planet in our Solar System, Besides Earth?

What’s your Favorite Planet in our Solar System, Besides Earth? Our amazing solar system that surrounds our star, Sol, is by far one of the most special solar systems in the Universe, if not the single most special one. Our solar system is the only known solar system to host life – despite countless other solar systems our there that we’ve only just begun studying. Yes, we think our solar system is special and unique, but imagine
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4 Cool Facts about Shooting Stars

4 Cool Facts about Shooting Stars Twinkle, twinkle, little star… Can you imagine something you have or own that has been around since the cavemen? There are few things that we share in common, even with the dinosaurs, but one thing remains the same; a shooting star has always and will always look the same and as beautiful as you could ever imagine. Once in a while we’ve gotten lucky and have been amazed and
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10 Cool Facts About The Mars Curiosity Rover

10 Cool Facts About The Mars Curiosity Rover tl;dr: check out our 10 Mars Curiosity Rover Facts Infographic. The Curiosity, a Mars Rover, landed with the help of a robotic space probe by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). The Curiosity Rover launched in November of 2011 by NASA. The rover landed in Aeolis Palus in the Gale Crater in August of 2012, it took the rover eight months to reach Mars from Earth. The Curiosity Rover is
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10 Cool Facts About The Mars Opportunity Rover

10 Cool Facts About The Mars Opportunity Rover The Mars Opportunity Rover is NASA’s robot that has been on Mars since 2004. In fact, Opportunity has exceeded NASA’s operation plans by more than 11 years. The Mars Opportunity Rover has been gathering scientific data and sending it back to Earth for over a decade. Opportunity has been studying meteorites for a long time and the Victoria Crater for over 2 years. It has also survived
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10 Cool Facts About The Mars Spirit Rover

10 Cool Facts About The Mars Spirit Rover The Mars Spirit Rover is a computerized device operated by NASA which was sent to conduct a scientific exploration on planet Mars. It first landed on the planet on January 4, 2004 (at a longitude and latitude of 14.5684 degrees South and 175.4726 degrees East). This was just three weeks before Opportunity Rover landed on the same planet. The Mars Spirit Rover’s unique name was chosen through
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4 Cool Facts about Solar Flares

4 Cool Facts about Solar flares

4 Cool Facts about Solar flares Did you know that most of the Solar Flares we experience here on Earth are harmless? However, a few can cause serious trouble and even catastrophic events. Solar flares are defined as spontaneous flashes of brightness observed near the sun’s surface. Additionally, they can also be defined as a tremendous explosion due to a release of the magnetic field on our Solar System’s star, Sol (the Sun). If you’ve
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The Moons of Mars

The Moons of Mars tl;dr Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, it’s red and there may or may not be Martians there. Most importantly, Mars has two moons; Phobos and Deimos. These two moons are named after scary characters from Greek Mythology; Phobos known for panic and fear, Deimos known for terror. There’s no doubt that in every heart on Earth, there’s a soft spot for Mars. How could you not love the
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Water Worlds in Our Solar System

Water Worlds In Our Solar System tl;dr: Water Worlds are vastly present even in our own Solar System and throughout the known Universe. Water throughout the Universe is extremely present and vastly greater than all of the water found on Earth, trillions of times over. There is even massive amounts of water in our own Solar System, which wasn’t confirmed until roughly 50 years ago. Lastly, Earth is the only known location where water exists in all
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What is the Oort Cloud?

Very few people know much about one of the most exciting collection of objects in our Solar System; the Oort Cloud. In this post, we’re going to explore and find out What is the Oort Cloud. Scientists and Astronomers have long studied the Oort Cloud, which has been determined to be an extended shell of icy objects and particles that exist in the outermost regions of the solar system. The Oort Cloud is named after
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The 5 Coolest Moons of Jupiter

Jupiter, what a planet, one of the rarest and most interesting planets in our entire Solar System. The largest and arguably most beautiful planet, covered with gases and rich in coloring. But Jupiter has a unique quality that few know about; its massive collection of moons. We’re going to take a close look at the 5 Coolest Moons of Jupiter and find out what unique quality each possess. Named after the ancient Roman god, Jupiter
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