Kepler 452b the Second Most Awesome Planet

With the recent discovery of Kepler 452b, there’s renewed excitement about life throughout the universe, other than that found on Earth. Kepler 452b is being called Earth’s older cousin, big brother or even Earth 2.0, among countless other names. Despite the fun nicknames, Kepler 452b is awesome for many other reasons. What are Kepler 452b’s Earth-like Qualities? Kepler 452b is an exoplanet orbiting around a G-class star named Kepler 452. This Solar System’s star is much like
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What Solar System Are We In?

tl;dr: check out our How Big is our Solar System Infographic. Well, the answer is kind of anti-climatic… What Solar System Are We In? the name of our solar system is just that; Solar System. The origin of the word “solar” comes from the Latin word sōl, which literally means Sun. Our solar system is a system of objects that orbit around our home star; the Sun. Our solar system formed roughly 4.6 billion years ago from
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