The Age of the Universe

Since the beginning of man, we’ve been asking ourselves questions about the world around us. Over time, these questions have expanded further beyond our immediate surroundings and into the vast and endless voids of space. As our understanding of the heavens deepen, we’ve become increasingly interested in knowing the age of the Universe. So How Old is the Universe? This is such a complex question and requires so much data, explanations, calculations, references, assumptions, technology, constants and
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What’s the Biggest Star in the Universe

The age old question of does size matter really comes to life when thinking about it in terms of stars. When you’re wondering what the biggest star in the universe is, you have to understand how to envision its scale. Our brains can’t even begin to conceive what this scale of size is like, largely because we don’t think in this scale or interact with objects of these sizes in our daily lives. Imagine the
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