4 Cool Facts about Gravity

4 Cool Facts about Gravity Learning about something that’s always been there seems like a funny thing, but it took ages for humans to understand what causes something to fall to the ground. It may or may not have ever even been an idea that somewhere in the Universe, things may not even fall at all. It wasn’t until our very own and beloved Sir Isaac Newton made the incredible discovery of gravitational forces, until
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10 Cool Facts About The Mars Curiosity Rover

10 Cool Facts About The Mars Curiosity Rover tl;dr: check out our 10 Mars Curiosity Rover Facts Infographic. The Curiosity, a Mars Rover, landed with the help of a robotic space probe by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). The Curiosity Rover launched in November of 2011 by NASA. The rover landed in Aeolis Palus in the Gale Crater in August of 2012, it took the rover eight months to reach Mars from Earth. The Curiosity Rover is
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10 Cool Facts About The Mars Opportunity Rover

10 Cool Facts About The Mars Opportunity Rover The Mars Opportunity Rover is NASA’s robot that has been on Mars since 2004. In fact, Opportunity has exceeded NASA’s operation plans by more than 11 years. The Mars Opportunity Rover has been gathering scientific data and sending it back to Earth for over a decade. Opportunity has been studying meteorites for a long time and the Victoria Crater for over 2 years. It has also survived
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10 Cool Facts About The Mars Spirit Rover

10 Cool Facts About The Mars Spirit Rover The Mars Spirit Rover is a computerized device operated by NASA which was sent to conduct a scientific exploration on planet Mars. It first landed on the planet on January 4, 2004 (at a longitude and latitude of 14.5684 degrees South and 175.4726 degrees East). This was just three weeks before Opportunity Rover landed on the same planet. The Mars Spirit Rover’s unique name was chosen through
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Water in our Universe

Water in our Universe Where Does Water in our Universe Come From? The strange thing about the abundance of Water in our Universe is not the fact that there is so much of it – but rather the fact that is has taken as long as it has for the sheer amount of water in interstellar space to be confirmed. The Universe is literally awash with water, and although water in its liquid state is
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4 Cool Facts about Solar Flares

4 Cool Facts about Solar flares

4 Cool Facts about Solar flares Did you know that most of the Solar Flares we experience here on Earth are harmless? However, a few can cause serious trouble and even catastrophic events. Solar flares are defined as spontaneous flashes of brightness observed near the sun’s surface. Additionally, they can also be defined as a tremendous explosion due to a release of the magnetic field on our Solar System’s star, Sol (the Sun). If you’ve
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10 NASA Deep Space Network Facts

  For more information on things in deep space, check out our article: 10 Cool Facts on the NASA Deep Space Network. 10 NASA Deep Space Network Facts Deep Space Network Fact #10: As The World Turns The Deep Space Network has three main locations positioned around the globe in strategic places, each 120 degrees from one another. This allows the network of dishes to be receive data from any direction from space.    
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13 Purple Nebula Images

tl;dr: People love images of nebula or nebulae and can’t seem to get enough of it. So much so, that I’ve created a second site completely dedicated to imagery of nebulae; NebulaImages.com. Alright, so this post is by popular demand, my first post featuring 20 Blue Nebula Images was surprisingly so successful that I’ve been asked many times to do a follow-up. I think this will likely turn into a series, but for now, here is the sequel
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The Moons of Mars

The Moons of Mars tl;dr Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, it’s red and there may or may not be Martians there. Most importantly, Mars has two moons; Phobos and Deimos. These two moons are named after scary characters from Greek Mythology; Phobos known for panic and fear, Deimos known for terror. There’s no doubt that in every heart on Earth, there’s a soft spot for Mars. How could you not love the
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10 Weird Things Sent to Space

  For more information on weird things in space, check out our article: 10 Weird Things Sent Into Space 10 Weird Things Sent to Space Weird Things Sent to Space #10: Cats, fish, rodents, chimpanzees, amphibians, nematodes, water bears, spiders, dogs and even our closest relative, the monkey have all been sent into space! Weird Things Sent to Space #9: NASA placed 3 LEGO figurines in a Juno deep-space probe to help explore the planet
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