4 Cool Facts About the Hourglass Nebula

4 Cool Facts about the Hourglass Nebula The Hourglass has such a unique, interesting and mostly just plain out cool structure which resembles that of an hourglass (as seen from the upper view) that we feel it’s worthy of a deeper look. These 4 cool facts about the Hourglass Nebula should help to provide more detail into what makes it exciting, outside of just its stunning shape. The Hourglass Nebula happens to be the most
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4 Cool Facts About the Crab Nebula

4 Cool Facts About the Crab Nebula The Crab Nebula was created from a supernova explosion which was witnessed in 1054, one of the largest of history. At that time it was the brightest object in the night sky even more than Venus and was visible even in the daytime for almost 23 days. As a result, Crab Pulsar which is only the size of a small city, was the first neutron star to be
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4 Cool Facts About the Cats Eye Nebula - Hero

4 Cool Facts About the Cat’s Eye Nebula

Cat’s Eye Nebula This is a fascinating astronomical object found in the Draco constellation. This nebula is surprisingly gaseous and not of the typical stellar state. This nebula is the focus of extensive research and studies by Scientists, Astronomers and even Astrophysicists. As they study the radio waves and wavelengths, every part of the Cat’s Eye Nebula has been studied thoroughly through the Hubble Space Telescope. The Cat’s Eye Nebula was discovered by William Herschel
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4 Cool Facts About the Carina Nebula

4 Cool Facts About the Carina Nebula

4 Cool Facts About the Carina Nebula Our universe is a fascinating place, with every other mystery unfolding before our eyes, there are many more to come. The Carina Nebula is one of the many fascinating and astounding discoveries of nature; it is a star-forming region in the Sagittarian wing of the Milky Way. It is approximately 7,500 light years from Earth. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has so far discovered nearly 14,000 stars in the
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13 Purple Nebula Images

tl;dr: People love images of nebula or nebulae and can’t seem to get enough of it. So much so, that I’ve created a second site completely dedicated to imagery of nebulae; NebulaImages.com. Alright, so this post is by popular demand, my first post featuring 20 Blue Nebula Images was surprisingly so successful that I’ve been asked many times to do a follow-up. I think this will likely turn into a series, but for now, here is the sequel
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The Large Dark Nebula (NGC 281A)

The large dark nebula (NGC 281A) The large dark nebula (NGC 281A) that makes up this “gaping mouth” is a molecular cloud made up predominantly of molecular hydrogen, but also trace amounts of dust and other gases. New generations of Solar Systems are being forged within its cold interior. Once these young stars’ fusion engines switch on, they will irradiate their surroundings – heating up, ionizing and eroding away the remaining dark material from which
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5 Beautiful Nebulae

  For more information on Nebulae, check out our article: The 5 Most Beautiful Nebulae. 5 Beautiful Nebulae Infographic There’s an age-old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, while this is likely true for many things; nebulae fall outside of this and are appreciated by everyone. There aren’t many objects you can stare at for hours and continue to appreciate it more and more. While gazing into an image of a nebula, your mind almost
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20 Blue Nebula Images

tl;dr: Nebulae kick ass, bla bla bla. I know you’re just here for the pictures, so scroll down for an image collection of the 20 Blue Nebula Images that will blow your mind to the ends of space and back. If you’re like me, you have a mild to overwhelming obsession with nebulae. As someone who appreciates art, beauty and the science of Astronomy; how could you not? Nebulae are massive collections of interstellar dust and gases, mostly
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10 Best Nebulae in the Universe

  For more information on Nebulae, check out our article: Best Nebulae in the Universe. 10 Best Nebulae in the Universe The Universe is an expanding and incomprehensible vastness of space. Humans have been exploring space, in some form or another, for millennia. From tilting our heads upwards, to looking through handheld tubes with glass, to most recently sending optical devices up into orbit to best view the voids of space. Despite what seems like an
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The 5 Most Beautiful Nebulae

tl;dr: check out our 5 Beautiful Nebulae Infographic. When you look at the sky, there’s a gazillion things that will take your breath away. And that beauty stretches well beyond the sky we’re able to observe with the naked eye, or even an everyday telescope.. There are so many more things our eyes can’t see which would simply blow us away if we could catch even a glimpse of them. The most beautiful of these are clouds
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