Facebook: What’s your Favorite Planet in our Solar System, Besides Earth?

What’s your Favorite Planet in our Solar System, Besides Earth? Our amazing solar system that surrounds our star, Sol, is by far one of the most special solar systems in the Universe, if not the single most special one. Our solar system is the only known solar system to host life – despite countless other solar systems our there that we’ve only just begun studying. Yes, we think our solar system is special and unique, but imagine
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When Humans Colonize Mars

We, as humans, have been dreamers since the dawn of our existence. As far-fetched dreams go, humans colonizing Mars, represents one of the most dazzling dreams the human race has ever yearned for. Ever since the “discovery” of what appeared to be canals on Mars, by Giovanni Schiaparelli, in 1877, we’ve salivated at the thought of exploring Mars, sending robotics there and eventually; having humans colonizing Mars. Shortly after Schiaparelli’s discovery, Percival Lowell thought he observed
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10 Facts About Mars

  For more information on Mars, check out our article: Cool Facts About Mars. 10 Facts About Mars – the Last Terrestrial Planet Mars has long been part of Human’s fascination, mythology, fear, imagination and even pop culture. From ancient times and the big red dot in the sky, which they appropriately named after the Roman god of war, to modern day Martians and the 1938 Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds radio broadcast. We’ve always known
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Cool Facts About Mars

tl;dr: check out our 10 Facts About Mars Infographic. We’ve been making our way through the Solar System and learning all sorts of new and cool facts about the planets, if you’ve missed the others, check these out when you get a chance: Mercury, Venus and Earth! Mars is a special planet, this one’s close to us and we’ve felt a strong connection to what we have believed to be a planet which either did or does
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10 Facts About Earth

  10 Facts About Earth – the Third Rock from the Sun For more information on Earth, check out our article: Cool Facts About Earth. Unlike most of the planets, you should already be extremely familiar with this one; Earth. You probably think because you live here and you’re like best friends with Mother Earth that you know all there is to know about this planet. Well, I’d be willing to bet you’ll learn a thing or two from this
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Cool Facts About Earth

tl;dr: check out our 10 Facts About Earth Infographic. We’ve been going through the Solar System and identifying cool facts about each planet, cool facts that you might not otherwise know. You can check out our previous articles about cool facts about Mercury and Venus here. However, now that we’re onto the 3rd rock from the Sun, it’s going to be slightly more unusual than our other articles since you’re hopefully already very, very familiar with this planet. If not, please phone
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10 Facts About Venus

  For more information on Venus, check out our article: Cool Facts About Venus. 10 Facts About Venus – the Second Planet from the Sun Everybody loves Venus, maybe it’s because she’s the only planet in our Solar System named after a female or because she’s named after the Roman goddess of love… Either way, we love Venus and all of what makes her unique and special. Let’s take a look at 10 Facts About Venus,
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10 Facts About Mercury

  For more information on Mercury, check out our article: What Solar System Are We In. 10 Facts About Mercury – the First Planet from the Sun Regardless of how hard it’s been to get to know Mercury on the level we’ve desired, we now know more about this planet than ever before. With Mercury being the closest planet to the Sun, it’s very difficult to send spacecraft there to visit it, gather information and relay that back
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What are the Gas Planets?

Astronomers love to categorize things, especially planets in our Solar System. All the time you hear people refer to the term “gas planets”, which was coined by a science fiction writer back in 1952, but what does it mean? Even though we hear terms like “gas giant”, “gas planet”, “giant planet” or even “Jovian planets”, they’re all referring to the same thing and one of the more common questions in Astronomy; What are the Gas Planets? Gas planets refer
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Cool Facts About Venus

tl;dr: check out our 10 Facts About Venus Infographic. It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. While that statement hasn’t been proven, what’s more likely is that the fairer sex is said to be from Venus because of her name. The planet Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty; Venus. What better place for women to be from than a place known for those two things?  
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