Facebook: If You Could Travel Anywhere in the Universe, Where Would You Go and Why?

If You Could Travel Anywhere in the Universe… Where Would You Go and Why? Please enjoy the inaugural Facebook Astronomy Q&A session, from the most awesome Facebook Fans in the World! If you’re interested in participating in future questions, Like our Facebook Page and stay tuned for more Astronomy Q&A sessions. I posed a question
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The Large Dark Nebula (NGC 281A)

The large dark nebula (NGC 281A) The large dark nebula (NGC 281A) that makes up this “gaping mouth” is a molecular cloud made up predominantly of molecular hydrogen, but also trace amounts of dust and other gases. New generations of Solar Systems are being forged within its cold interior. Once these young stars’ fusion engines
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Best Nebulae in the Universe

tl;dr: check out our 10 Best Nebulae in the Universe Infographic. We’ve searched as far as we can see through the known Universe and haven’t found anything more beautiful than the Nebula. A nebula is a gaseous collection of interstellar dust, hydrogen, helium and other trace ionized gases. Nebulae are so large their diameters are usually measured in units
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Teeny Supermassive Black Hole: RGG 118

All About Teeny Supermassive Black Hole: RGG 188 Can you imagine looking for something 340 million light years away? That’s this many miles away: 1,998,732,626,882,426,628,489 miles Well, some Astronomers at the University of Michigan and their trusty NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the 6.5-meter Clay Telescope in Chile were able to complete that task. These Astronomers found
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