Facebook: What Is Your Favorite Constellation and Why?

Facebook: What Is Your Favorite Constellation and Why?

What Is Your Favorite Constellation and Why?

Welcome back and thanks for checking out the second Facebook Fan question in our new series: Astronomy Q&A – powered by the greatest Facebook Fans in the Universe!

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I posed a question to the Fans of my Facebook page Astronomy is Awesome and got an unbelievable response and LOVED reading through them.

The question I asked was: What Is Your Favorite Constellation and Why?

Facebook Astronomy Q&A Session #2 – Responses:

“Although my scope regularly finds Orion’s Belt for the nebulae, Leo is my favorite for 2 reasons. Other than the dippers, (Ursa Major & Minor), that is the first completely unknown constellation to me that I found all on my own. 2, all the galaxies hidden within and around this constellation. Unfortunately my scope is too small or my light pollution is too great to pick out more than a few.”

— Jody B

“On seeing me with this question… I remembered that today, only 88 constellations are recognized. Because “only”? Because the infinite, try as we might, it will never be enough to discover all the stars, planets and everything that our infinite universe back… But then again, Pisces much catches my attention… Nominated at the point of position of the sun in early spring in the northern hemisphere. A constellation with little glossy stars, difficult to reach… What insinuates in mystery… Much like our infinite universe, is not it?!”

— Jade T

“The Big Dipper, not sure of its proper name. My favourite because it dips to the North Star and has helped so many people find their way.”

— Valencia C

“My favorite constellation is the Crux (Southern Cross). I think the magnificent Jewel Box (NGC 4755) and Coalsack Nebula; I remember that when I was a kid and saw that dark spot (the Coalsack Nebula) I felt fear, today I feel fascination!”

— Adriana F

“My favorite constellation is, Scorpius. Mostly because its the constellation of Scorpio, which happens to be my zodiac sign, but the story behind the myth behind the constellation I fell in love with. Then also my other favorite constellation is, Orion. He was my first to learn by myself.”

–Brittany Nicole N

“Choices, hmm- always have followed Orion and the Sept, but Cassiopeia as well has always been a sylph or the Navajo/ Hopi Kokapelli to my eyes, dancing across the heavens.”

— Rob H

“Cygnus. Because it flies alone at the edge of my vision, but I know when I look for it, when my eyes adjust, I can see the lovely form it takes. No matter where I am.”

— Ryan B

“Minha constelação favorita é escorpião! Eu gosto muito desta constelação porquê ela é uma constelação grande,ou seja,ocupa um espaço bem grande no céu,também pelo fato dela ser muito bonita,mas principalmente pelo fato dela ter a estrela Antares e o centro da galáxia Via Láctea um pouco acima da cauda do escorpião!”

“My favorite constellation is scorpion! I really like this constellation why she’s a constellation great, i.e. occupies a large space in the sky, also by the fact that she is so beautiful, but mainly for the fact that she have the star Antares and the center of the milky way galaxy a little above The tail of the scorpion!”

— Ulisses V

“My favourite constellation is Ursa Major because it reminds me of how I begun to love Astronomy, plus using this constellation I can work out the rest of the sky.”

— Saffron A

“My favorite is Orion. Most of the ancient people built pyramids and other temples to align with the constellations belt it makes me wonder why.”

— Jolene S

“Which ever ones you can find, because it’s difficult to remember them all 😏. That being said, Scorpio, and the Summer Triangle.”

— Jay P

“Orion, because of the story of Orion in Greek mythology and, its the easiest one I can always recognize at the clear sky :)”

— Arif B

“Orion, because is an universe on itself. Nebulas, red giants, blue giants, all this magnificent stuff, and, of course, because the legend behind this constellation and Scorpius.”

— Edu N

“The Pleiades, the 7 sisters, Greek mythology 😀 they are my favorite”

–Susan S

“My favorite constellation and the constellation of Orion, I love this constellation Why Increasingly got MORE INFORMATION About It and Why Also In my view STUDIED IT needs to be…”

— Lucas S

“Orion. It’s really beautiful and it’s very important to a lot of ancient civilizations.”

— Darcy B

“Escorpião – pela beleza das formas, o rabo enroscado, o tamanho que ocupa no céu – muito bonita e facilmente vista.”

“Scorpion – by the beauty of the forms, the tail curled up, the size that occupies in the sky – very beautiful and easily view.”

— Luiz Otavio Nogueira d S

“I am losing my sight and there are very few that I can see and currently the brightest star is Capella.”

— Jon L

“My favorite is the constellation of Crux, because this was the first I saw with naked eye.”

— Lucas R

“Everyone is saying Orion because it’s the only one they know… haha”

— Hector O

“Octans, because there wouldn’t be much astronomy going on in the Southern Hemisphere without it ;-)”

–Brett E

“Pleiades. Matariki-subaru-seven sisters. Great cultural symbol as well as being pretty cool”

— Fergus C

“Altair and Vega, mostly because of the Chinese folktale of the weaver girl and the cow herder.”

— Matthew S

“My favorite constellation is the U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017 because “The Doomsday Machine” was the best Trek Episode ever!”

— Michael T

“Lyra constellation. Because I love the film ‘Contact’ where they receive some alien signals from the star Vega in this constellation. Furthermore this was the first one ever I recognized in the night sky.”

— Guilia B

“Minha constelação favorita é Orion sua colocação entre plêiades, aldebaram e sirius à destaca. As estrelas de sua formação são maravilhosas e de belos nomes indígenas.”

“My favorite constellation is Orion their placement between Pleiades, Aldebaram and Sirius to the highlights. The Stars of its formation are wonderful and beautiful indigenous names.”

— Cristiano A

“All of them, because they are awesome”

— Linkin R


— Alejandro Olave M


— Paulo O

“Zeta reticuli. It’s where the aliens live”

— Raheem B

“Orion – the heroic hunter…”

— Keith Wayne R

“My favorite constellation is Orion. It was the first constellation I can see and differentiate from others. Its stars sparked my love for astronomy. Orion is the constellation which I always look for when I see the sky…”

— Vitor H

“All of them 😀”

— Jason B


— Bethy Borges T

“Orion, because my roots are in it 😝”

— Michael C

“Lyra. Because it has always resonated with me.”

— Stacy S

“All of them ! :-D”

— Johnny Ray M

“Orion. Easy to find. Always visible from southeast USA. Cool mythology”

— Chris R


— Marta H

“Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion, Cassiopeia.”

— BobKathy D

A huge thank you to all those that shared their favorite constellation and why. It’s so much fun to read through them and find out what people love looking at in the night’s sky.

Each and every constellation has it’s own place and beauty in the heavens. They shine art from countless light years from Earth and provide insight into the views of our forefathers who first connected the dots and found the shapes we see today.

In case you’re curious, much like many of you, my favorite constellation is Orion. The ancient Egyptian built the pyramids to align with Orion’s Belt (also known as the three kings); Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. My love and fascination with the ancient Egyptians have made me fascinated with these three stars.

Feel free to share what your favorite constellation is and why in the comments below.

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