10 Awesome Facts About the Sun



10 Awesome Facts About The Sun

When you look out into the night’s sky, you gaze upon hundreds, thousands, millions and billions, even trillions (if you have awesome eyesight) of stars. We rarely stop to think that we have one of those beautiful little specs of light in our Solar System; the Sun. Our star is critically important to the existence of our Solar System, our planet and even our lives; without it we wouldn’t be.

The Sun is our source of heat, light and energy. It’s also one of the most spherical objects in our Solar System and is massively large. To put it into perspective, the Sun’s mass accounts for 99.86% of the total mass in the entire Solar System.

The Romans named out Sun, Sol, which is how our Solar System got its name; SOLar System.

Does the Sun Have a Twin?

  • The Sun is 400x larger than the Moon and 400x further away from Earth making them look to be the same size.

Our Sun is Middle-Aged?!?!

  • The Sun is ~4.5 billion years old and will continue for ~5 billion more years before it exhausts all of its hydrogen.

The Sun is Well Protected!

  • The atmosphere of the Sun has three layers: the photosphere, the chromosphere and solar corona.

Solar Eclipse: Limited Window.

  • Because the Sun moves so quickly, solar eclipses can only last at most 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

The Energy Making Machine.

  • All the fuels on Earth; coal, oils, gases, wood – would only keep the Sun burning for a few days.

The Sun’s da Bomb, Literally.

  • The Sun generates so much energy that every second its core releases the equivalent of 100 billion nuclear bombs.

So Far Away, Yet So Hot!

  • Only half of one-billionth of the energy released by the Sun reaches Earth.

The Giver… of Life.

  • The Sun is one of more than 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, but the only known star to host a solar system with life.

The Sun, He’s So Hot Right Now!

  • The part of the Sun that you can see is ~10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, its core is ~27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Sun’s Got Some Serious Junk in the Trunk!

  • Over one million Earths could fit inside the Sun. The Sun has a radius 100 times that of the Earth! The Sun’s radius is 432,700 miles and the Earth’s radius is 3,959 miles.

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