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10 Facts About Earth – the Third Rock from the Sun

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Unlike most of the planets, you should already be extremely familiar with this one; Earth. You probably think because you live here and you’re like best friends with Mother Earth that you know all there is to know about this planet. Well, I’d be willing to bet you’ll learn a thing or two from this infographic list of 10 Facts About Earth.

Regardless of how much you think you know about Earth, I think we can all agree that Earth is by far the single greatest known planet in all of the Universe. Not only is it our home planet, it’s also the only planet to host life. Well, there’s a ton of other cool things that make Earth the best planet, here’s our list of 10 facts about Earth.

Facts About Earth #1: The Earth is Slowing Down.

  • The Earth is slowing down about 17 milliseconds every 100 years. You’ll get an extra hour in about another 140 million years.

Facts About Earth #2: The Coldest Place in the Universe: Earth.

  • The coldest object in space is the Boomerang Nebula, it’s 1 degree Kelvin, which is -458 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists at MIT were able to get temperatures down below 1 nano-Kelvin, which is one billionth of a degree Kelvin.

Facts About Earth #3: Earth is Actually Two Planets.

  • Based on the Giant Impact Hypothesis, Theia (a planet in our Solar System) was knocked out of her orbit and collided with the Earth, smashing together to form one planet (and the Moon).

Facts About Earth #4: Earth Loves Water.

  • We now know of many places, even in our own Solar System which contain water. Earth is the only place where water exists in all three states: liquid, ice and vapor.

Facts About Earth #5: Earth is the Densest Planet.

  • A planet’s density is measured by comparison to the density of water, which is; 1 gram per cubic centimeter. Earth has the highest density of them all, at 5.5 grams per cubic centimeter.

Facts About Earth #6: Earth isn’t a Sphere.

  • Because of gravity and centrifugal force, the Earth is slightly oval in shape. This phenomena happens to a lot of planets and is exaggerated the faster it spins.

Facts About Earth #7: Earth is the Only Planet with Plate Tectonics.

  • There are seven major plate tectonics on Earth. Without these plates, we wouldn’t have: earthquakes, volcanoes or eruptions, mountains or even ocean trenches.

Facts About Earth #8: The Best Recycler: Earth.

  • The Earth recycles itself and its surface. The rock cycle transforms Igneous rock into Sedimentary rock, which gets transformed into Metamorphic rock and then repeats itself, over and over.

Facts About Earth #9: Richie Rich: Earth’s Oceans.

  • It’s estimated that the Earth’s oceans have more than 20,000,000 tons of gold in them. Each liter of seawater contains on average about 13/1,000,000,000 of a gram of gold. Not ideal of extraction or mining operations… yet.

Facts About Earth #10: Earth had a Baby.

  • Theia, a planet roughly the size of Mars, was knocked out of its orbit and collided with Earth. As these two planets made whoopie, they gave birth to the Moon. The Earth and the Moon have come to depend on one another, much like a child and its mother.

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  2. Fact 3 and 10 are too closely related to be separate…
    Probably on Pluto and on Europa and other places in our solar system we might find liquid water… but may be special to earth is, that we have here open oceans with liquid water (not covered by sheets of thick ice!).

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