10 Mars Curiosity Rover Facts

10 Mars Curiosity Rover Facts



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10 Mars Curiosity Rover Facts

Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #10: Slow to Roll

The Curiosity Rover has been on Mars over 1,100 days and hasn’t traveled more than 12 miles from its landing site.


mars curiosity rover fact #10


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #9: Human or Robot?

The Curiosity Rover has all the parts needed to be human; a computer for a brain, cameras for eyes, arms and wheels for collecting and mobility, batteries for fuel and even an antenna for communication.


mars curiosity rover fact 10


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #8: Dropped by a Crane

While the Curiosity Rover was launched using a state-of-the-art rocket, it was lowered down to Mars’ surface using a tether attached to a parachute.


mars curiosity rover fact 9


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #7: Goal Driven

During its time on Mars, the Curiosity Rover will have four main goals; study Mars’ climate, its geology, determine if life was ever present and prepare for human exploration.


mars curiosity rover fact 7


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #6: Use Once and Destroy

The Atlas V-541 was a one-time use only launch vehicle. NASA deployed the Curiosity Rover on a special launch rocket knowing it wouldn’t be used again.


mars curiosity rover fact 6


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #5: Loaded with Toys

The Curiosity Rover is equipped with a series of technologically advanced instruments to be used in studying Mars, including; spectrometers, imagers, radiation detectors, sensors and more!


mars curiosity rover fact 5


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #4: Seven Phases of Mars

Sending a rover to Mars isn’t a simple task. There are seven phases part of the Curiosity Mission; pre-launch, launch, cruise, approach, entry/descent/landing, first drive and surface operations.


mars curiosity rover fact 4


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #3: Cameras and Lasers

Curiosity is loaded with 17 cameras for taking several different types of pictures and lasers for vaporizing anything hazardous to Curiosity’s well-being, up to 23 feet.


mars curiosity rover fact 3


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #2: Lonely, but not Alone

Even though Curiosity is running a solo mission, there are others with it. Both, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers are on Mars, while Spirit no longer operates, it’s with us in spirit.


mars curiosity rover fact 2


Mars Curiosity Rover Fact #1: J.P.L.

The Curiosity Rover’s wheels have special imprints to leave behind the letters “JPL”, assisting the Curiosity team back on Earth in measuring how far it has traveled.


mars curiosity rover fact 1


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  1. Starstuff

    In Fact #1, you forgot to mention that the “JPL” imprint is in fact in Morse code!

    Keep looking up! And Happy Pi Day, by the way.

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