Facebook: What’s your Favorite Planet in our Solar System, Besides Earth?

What’s your Favorite Planet in our Solar System, Besides Earth?

Our amazing solar system that surrounds our star, Sol, is by far one of the most special solar systems in the Universe, if not the single most special one. Our solar system is the only known solar system to host life – despite countless other solar systems our there that we’ve only just begun studying.

Yes, we think our solar system is special and unique, but imagine all of the solar systems out there in the Universe that we haven’t even discovered yet. Now imagine how far away those solar systems might be… it’s possible that a solar system could have hosted life at one point in its existence, but at the time of discovery and study; life forms are long gone.

Thus, our solar system is one of the most amazing out there in the known Universe. Our solar system’s planets are what makes it so amazing, without them, there’d be no us. From the location of the outer gas giants, to the inner terrestrial planets which are close enough and warmed by the heat of our solar system’s star.

Since the planets in our solar system are vastly different and ever important; everyone has a favorite. So I asked the most amazing astronomy fans in the world, fans of our Astronomy is Awesome Facebook page, what their favorite planets are and here is what they said:

Mars – Pete K

Mars – Chris P

Sun – Roop J (let’s not break the bad news to Roop and count this vote…)

Mars – Josh M

Mars – Shannon B

Saturn and its moons – Austin T

Jupiter – Bruno C

Neptune – John H

Jupiter – Matheus C

Planet X. Google that shit – Michael G (That’s some good shit)

I grew up on Jupiter – Conrad J S

Youranus – Chris G (LOL)

Saturn – Michael D

Saturn – Gordon F

Jupiter – Stuart S

Saturn – Gabriel M

Mars, because Elon Musk is going to take me there – Ashleigh S (Lucky!)

Jupiter – Donovan J A

Jupiter and its many moons – Colin G

Saturn – Dagmawi A

Saturn… Always – Juliano A

Jupiter – Jason R

Saturn – Vera L G

Earth – Julie B

Jupiter! – Jimena C

Pluto – Mikey C

Jupiter – Bodicea R

Every one without life – Keller M

Saturn – Swarly B

Earth – Brian J S

All of them – Brian P

Pluto planet! Pluto King!!!! – Jessica F (Everyone loves Pluto…)

The 11’th from the Sun – David A (Which one is that?)

No People, Pluto is not a Planet – Brianmo M (True, Dwarf Planet as of late, but we’ll still tally the vote)

Jupiter – Jonathan F Sr

Saturn – Tyrone W

Saturnus – Adam J M (Must be the Hollywood baby name after Saturn and Uranus collide? Otherwise, LOL, Adam)

Jupiter – Jonathan L

Jupiter – Lisa M K

No Uranus jokes?! I’m disappointed – Tony R (Keep reading Tony, everyone’s a comedian, LOL)

Jupiter and all of its moons – Sarah S

Saturn – Matt P

Saturn, or if we are being specific Titan – James H (One of its moons, but it’d be cool if Titan was classified as a planet)

Jupiter… the biggest and the most powerful – Julia G S

Mercury – Annette H

Saturn – Alanna C

Júpter and Saturno – Jercy O

Ava said “Uranus” – Em Uh Lee Alvin (LOL, and the first one to do so…)

Earth isn’t that big – Steven H (Come on Steve, size doesn’t matter, LOL)

Jupiter – Patrick M

Earth, its perfect – Contreras L J (Agreed)

So the choice is between Venus and Mars then – Joe Z (Among a few others…)

Earth – John T

Pluto – Said Ordaz-Moreno

Pluto. It’s still a planet to me! – Daniel I (And to many others, as well)

Jupiter – Derek R

Wheres Pluto… – Emma L (still way out in our solar system)

Beautiful blue planet! Earth – Dany D (said so well!)

Saturn is my favorite planet – Lizza S

Saturn – Blnca D

I miss Pluto – Justin D (Don’t we all?)

Pluto is once again considered a planet so your photo is incorrect – Emma L (Not sure about that one?!)

Saturn for me ♡ – Laura D

Pluto – Jason B

Saturn, because of all it’s beautiful rings and mysteries – Laura L K 

Pluto, jerks – Michael S B

Mars – Josh M

Mine’s the sun. I like it ’cause it’s like the king of planets – Jeremy J (Not actually a planet, but the Sun is massive, indeed)

Saturn . Looking at its rings through even a small telescope is amazing – Rory H

Mars just because i seen Martian and know how to grow potatoes in shit – Adam C

Saturn, the rings are beautiful and it’s crazy to think that it would float – Anthony C

Uranus of course, cause I destroy that shit… (Slaps knee, crawls back in hole) – Jon D (Got it…)

Newsflash: A “dwarf PLANET” is still a “planet”, hint the word “planet”. That’s like saying a dwarf human isn’t human – Nathan R (Do you want me to tally a vote for Pluto or Tyrion Lannister?)

Earth is my favorite planet in the solar system – Renee Anntionette Painter

Venus because it would be the easiest planet to colonize. Next. – Richard R (It’d be hot AF, but similar in size to Earth)

Gotta be Jupiter…it has 1 storm the size of the earth and it has been raging for millennia?? Gtfo here LOL – Steve K

I would vote for Saturn, however Earth is so nice and comfy – Rafael S

It has always been Mars. So in turn Sailor Mars was my favorite on Sailor Moon too lol. – Sarah B

Não entendi porque a terra está maior do que todos os outros planetas.

I don’t understand why the earth is greater than all the other planets. – Nayara F (Where else would you rather live?)

Make is my fav.. it’s a dwarf planet in our solar system. That’s if you are counting Pluto (dwarf planet) as a planet lol since it’s not – فيليز لينوكس 

Mars, because it so similar to earth in many ways but at the same time completely alien – Tim W

Grew up with Pluto being a planet so Pluto. it will always be a planet – Michael R

Venus. Because its day is longer than its year. It’s the hottest planet. And the rain is seriously bad for your health. Plus it has a retrograde rotation – Farren P

Mmmm, tough one! It’s a toss up between Saturn & Jupiter for me. Followed close in 1-1/2 by Pluto. Yes I’m that old, Pluto is a planet! (far as I’m concerned). – Jody B

Umm Earth…. what other planet can sustain human life? Why would I want to be anywhere else… shame the humans are so focused on other planets we can’t survive on while the one that can keep us grounded and safe from the harsh atmosphere of space… the one that grows our food and produces our water to quench our thirsts…we kill every second without out a second thought – Candy K

Obviously Neptune is the coolest planet (55k at the upper atmosphere ). Neptune has the fastest winds in the solar system exceeding 2200km/h (1300 mph.) Its moon, Triton, is the only large moon with a retrograde orbit and Triton is one of the few geologically active moons. Plus it was the only planet predicted by mathematics before we observed it – Michael A

Thanks everyone for sending in your votes, commentary (funny or not) and why your planet of choice makes it so special to you.

It seems like the vast majority of people like Jupiter and Saturn as their favorites. Two of the most amazing and stunning planets in our Solar System.

Some say that without Jupiter and the other gas giants, Earth would fail to exist. The gas planets help protect Earth from foreign objects entering our solar system and hitting Earth by their gravitational influences. Talk about taking one for the team – much love.

So many still consider Pluto to be a planet, despite its recent re-categorization to a dwarf planet. Regardless, Pluto remains beloved and a planet indeed, regardless of subcategories.

Feel free to share your favorite planet in our solar system, besides Earth and why in the comments below.

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