4 Cool Facts about Starlight and Fusion

4 Cool Facts about Starlight and Fusion

This Universe of full of so many incredible phenomena occurring nearly every day that it comes as little surprise to find that a lot of us are fascinated by space and what happens there.

Because of this, we’ve made a list of 4 Cool Facts about Starlight and Fusion for you!

Starlight and Fusion Fact #4: Fusion Reactions

The Sun is the perfect medium for fusion reactions. Nuclear fusion is basically the process in which two small atomic nuclei join to form a single nucleus with a larger mass.

Fusion reactions require high amounts of energies to take place. This makes sense as the process creates products that themselves contain a lot of energy.



sabianmaggy, https://flic.kr/p/iKGis


The Sun is one place which has just the right temperature to allow such fusion reactions to take occur.

It is these reactions that give rise to the Sun’s light and heat. Fusion reactions also take place in all stars, our Solar System’s star, the Sun (Named Sol) being one of those stars, and is responsible for the starlight as seen from Earth.

Starlight and Fusion Fact #3: May the Force Be With You

All stars are made of the same materials! Every star you see, brighter than bright, big or small, of all shapes and sizes are made of the same materials.

Basically clouds of cold hydrogen molecules separate into pieces as they collapse with massive amounts of gravitational force. This constant force of gravity pulls the molecules in towards the core and cause fusion reaction to occur which contributes to the starlight!



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So all the starlight you see around you, think of them as tiny packets carrying energy produced by the fusion reactions from thousands to even millions and billions of light years away!

Starlight and Fusion Fact #2: Earth Fusion Illusion

Did you know that fusion reactions can’t take place here on Earth? The materials required for fusion reactions to occur, namely molecular hydrogen, are less rare than they’re needed for fusion reactions?

And still fusion reactions cannot take place on Earth? Sounds a bit hard to believe, doesn’t it?



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This is because the energy produced by these fusion reactions is so vast, so strong in comparison to fusion reactions that it cannot be contained by anything present in the world today!

They also require a temperature of over a million degrees centigrade, so that too is hard to achieve in Earthly conditions!

Starlight and Fusion Fact #1: Timeless Light

It takes eons for starlight to reach us here on Earth! As the distance between other stars and the Earth is so vast, it can actually takes thousands and millions of years for the starlight of other stars to reach our eyes!

The closest star is our Solar System’s own Sun (Sol), it’s roughly 93,000,000 miles away and its light takes over 8 minutes to reach us here on Earth. If a star is a million light years away, it’d take a million years for us to see the light it produced a million years in the past.



aneye4wonder, https://flic.kr/p/bzKRac


So the light we see from distant stars could very well have taken place back when the dinosaurs were roaming the Earth, and the light from that fusion is just now reaching out eyes.

In other cases where a star is even further away, say 6 billion light years, then at the time that light was created our Earth hadn’t even formed yet.

There are countless other brilliant facts about astronomy and space that inspire us and are as incredible as these. Check out more of our posts and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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