Facebook: If You Could Travel Anywhere in the Universe, Where Would You Go and Why?

If You Could Travel Anywhere in the Universe…

Where Would You Go and Why?

Please enjoy the inaugural Facebook Astronomy Q&A session, from the most awesome Facebook Fans in the World!

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I posed a question to the Fans of my Facebook page Astronomy is Awesome and got an overwhelming response.

I love all of the responses and am thankful to each and every contributor for their support; some are very interesting, some are surprising, some are sentimental and others… hilarious (thank you, Michael Shane B).

The question I asked was: If You Could Travel Anywhere in the Universe, Where Would You Go and Why?

Facebook Astronomy Q&A Session #1 – Responses:

“I’d travel around to different galaxies looking at the ‘similar to Earth’ planets and see just how similar they are. Maybe try a McDonalds there to see if they compare.”

— Hector O

“I’d like to go to the star system that may have sent the wow signal. I know it probably was a spy satellite but interesting because it would have been sent decades before we received it.”

— Gerry K

“Uranus cause duh.”

— Michael Shane B

“I’d just want to go wander Andromeda and search for intelligent life. There has got to be other species of life out there that care about all life and their Earth more than most of us do. Id be happier if I could find that.”

— Christina C

“I would travel to a galaxy far far away…”

— Lindsay W

“Honestly, I would start with our solar system, enjoy my anniversary between Saturn and Jupiter. Then I would just travel, looking at the stars, gas clouds, planets. Take in all the beauty. If I find an earth like planet that would be a plus, but I would keep it a secret because I wouldn’t want it destroyed like our home earth (we all have seen avatar right?). But I would just want to travel and enjoy the beauty the universe has to offer.”

— Kelsey D

“Id travel to Heaven.”

— Josh A

“Saturn, the rings and moons have interested me for years. Jupiter, to explore the high intensity winds and get a close up look at the “red spot” storm and again the many moons.”

— Jody

“The moon with a bad ass telescope so I can watch mankind destroy itself for greed and power.”

— Edward Carson M

“To Sagittarius A* to see the stars orbiting close speeding by.”

— Mike L

“It feels appropriate and right to start with our own Solar system. From there, really it’s like let curiosity guide to. (Note Seriously stock up on food, fuel and water 😏 😆)”

— Jay P

“I want to explore Earth first.”

— Rebecca Jo P

“I would like to see ‘the edge of the universe’, if there is one and watch the universe expand into ‘nothing’.”

— Barry K

“I know I would not most likely come back but a black hole… lol bigger the better I would think. Honestly I want to know what’s inside… 😂”

— Michael H

“Second Star to the right, straight on till morning is my philosophy.”

— Tim K

“Hmm well really that’s tricky since time would be an ever present factor without some form of longevity. Even with something of the nature of instantaneous travel one could spend years, if not decades, cataloging and exploring our own solar system. And I would have to start there. Add in the black hole at the center of our galaxy, various and assorted stars and nebulas, and planets of course.”

— George G

“Out beyond the Milky Way. To search for habitable planets on which to discover and new forms of life.”

— Martin D

“I’d like to go in the largest void in the Universe, seeing if it’s really empty or if behind, it has other stars, galaxies or it’s the end.”

— Lucas R

“Europa! As a Geomorphologist it holds endless possibilities and wonders to be explored! First and foremost finding out if there is an ocean under the ice followed by second, is there life in said ocean! I already believe there is liquid water there personally but still would be awesome to actually go there and see it and explore the rest of this amazing moon!”

— Anne B

“Eu gostaria de ir para Júpiter, creio que ele seja um planeta distinto de minha personalidade, e até mesmo por que ele é regente do meu signo.

I’d like to go to Jupiter, I believe that he is a separate planet of my personality, and even why he’s Regent of my sign.”

— Édy Édy Santos FG

“I would go to the Andromeda galaxy, why to see the different plants, and life.”

— Hunter M

“I’d go to the very edge, I want to see what’s there. I want to look behind me and see all of the history of all these countless stars and feel the crushing wonder of it.”

— Lynne

“Away from here to much fighting,greed,want to go somewhere to b at peace.”

— Rudy J

“Honestly, my wish would go into a black hole, and unveil the uniqueness of what many astronomers are looking to unravel, and after delivering the response to humans, would reside in me Betelgeuse.”

— Alejhandro S

“A picnic on Titan, saturnal subs and onion rings.”

— Kenny H

“My own habitable planet.”

— August B

“Jupiter! An up close view of the red spot would be amazing! If that’s too far then Bora Bora dang it! Lol.”

— Eliana A

“Certainly, I could go to any other planet or moon is not the planet Earth. of course, we have to agree that the Earth is naturally beautiful, but there is a but: the human. so, for my fascination for the universe, even making a brief visit to the Moon, or being able to pick up a jar the sands of Mars… ja would make me more happy than to have a lifetime on planet Earth. #salvetheword”

— Jade T

“Personally, I’d travel to one of Saturn’s moons, every time you look back to the horizon, the Rings of Saturn greet you. Sure there’s wonderful vistas here on Earth but nothing beats seeing Saturn on the horizon.”

— Don P

“Completely outside the Milky Way Galaxy, to take photos of it.”

— Jonathan N

“Kepler whatever it is. My first agenda is life. Its out there and i want to find it. It sure wouldn’t be our solar system cause ill be back wayyyy before it ever goes anywhere.

It’s really an unanswerable question. Whoever said second star to the right and on till morning or something along them lines hit the nail on the head cause no matter where you go there will always be something more awe-inspiring another 5,000 light years yonder way.”

— Adam T

“If I could go anywhere, I would go everywhere! But all that visual beauty and knowledge, would be nothing without another human being affirming and celebrating the complexities of it all. Shared consciousness🖐🏾👁👂🏾.”

— Brandon J

“Id stay on earth around loved ones. No need to go anywhere when u have all u need here. But if I had to id try to go to planet with resources that we need like oil, iron and/or copper.”

— Maciej D. M

“The edge of the observable… To gaze at the beyond.”

— Brad T

“It would be lovely to see the earth 🌏 from the moon’s surface.. also Titan to see Saturn’s rings 👍.”

— Nygel K

“I’d like to look out at the super cluster of stars at the centre of the milky way from a planet’s surface that is in orbit around one of these stars, would be like the night sky x 1000.”

— Josh R

“I’d like to go to Andromeda, and see the things like in the Earth.”

— Rebeca A

“I would go for any other galaxy, I think most likely we exist in another galaxy, but living the future or the past.”

— Davi E

“The moon so I can take in the beauty of Earth from space…. and I would experience every nebula I could… especially the eye of God.”

— Star C

“I guess the first stop would be Kepler, to watch closely that Earth like planet. But, would also be interesting to be the closest possible to the “center” of the Universe, where the Big Bang happened!”

— Jean Robert R

“Eu gostaria de viajar para lugares muito distantes,próximo a uma galáxia com um núcleo ativo,ou seja um Quasar! Porque eu admiro muito esses monstros cósmicos,pela sua imensa quantidade de energia e brilhos que eles produzem,deve ser algo realmente grandioso,magnífico,gigantesco,é claro que eu ficaria a uma distância relativamente segura!!

I would like to travel to places very far away, next to a galaxy with a core active, or be a quasar! Because I really admire these cosmic monsters, for your immense amount of energy and glows that they produce, it must be something really great, great, gigantic, it is clear that I would be a relatively safe distance!!”

— Ulisses V

“I wanna take a ride in Jupiter’s red spot — the ultimate Tilt-A-Whirl.”

— Holly E

“I would go to Neptune, the coldest planet in the solar system, would not only by the weather that I like, but also to think about how it would be to have a man beside me to share my thoughts, feelings and pain, a person who matched the I love I feel for her. Is it too much to ask that a place with such a person?”

— Lukas S

“I’d say to check out a black hole, but I know that could seriously pre-empt a lot of other things, so…
Where’s the furthest point anything’s been viewed? Beyond that point, that’s where I’d venture, taking the scenic route and checking out the Horsehead, Ring, and few other nebulae on the way there. Hopefully the trip would happen in August so I could stop off and watch the Pleiades with a front row seat.”

— Gina F

“I If I could travel anywhere in the universe, I’d find many versions of Earth, explore them a bit, and then go straight into a star to die.”

— Asmond C A H

“Iria para os pilares , orbitar uma estrela anã

Would go to the pillars, orbiting a dwarf star.”

— Vilson G



— Robson José da S

“I would like to sit down and have a conversation with the mind of Universe/God…..I have questions no human can answer for me….”

— Bobby B

“Given the theoretical possibility of unlimited and undaunted space travel as a proven concept? I would explore Kepler 452b in extreme detail.”

— Russell W

“A fly by of Saturn on my way to a supermassive black hole. But really just to go up there, even for a one-way trip, would be amazing.”

— Mark G

“M16 The Eagle Nebula. ‘The Pillars of Creation’.”

— David L

“Just get to another planet light years away which has similar age and society level as earth has but different ‘people’.”

— Scott Z

“The southern Cross because when I was on the south Pacific the ship I was didn’t have air conditioning in the troop compartment so we would sleep on cargo nets and lookup at all the stars it was totally dark at night.”

— Mike M

“I’d travel through the Orion and Helix nebula’s.”

— Vinícius G

“Proxima B . I just have a good feeling that we could find life there.”

— Colin A

“Orion I go there.”

— Alejandro O M

“Europa .. need to see for myself.”

— Darren C

“Hi! I would go to Capella System, let´s say, about 4 millions years ago, and investigate at that time, how near that system was to Earth…”

— Cesar S

Thanks to everyone who sent in a reply and shared the special place they’d travel if they could go anywhere in the Universe.

It means so much that you took the time and spent a few minutes thinking about Astronomy and what in the Universe intrigues you the most that you’d leave Earth behind and travel to see the mysteries that surround us every day and every where.

Stay tuned for more Facebook Astronomy Q&A Session questions in the future, the goal is to get a few of these done each month and share all of our thoughts and love for astronomy.

Well, if I got to take my family and travel anywhere in the Universe; I’d begin traveling towards the edge of the Universe – looking backwards at all the beauty that passes by, in no particular direction – snapping selfies the entire voyage. I’d like to know what all is out there and what it has to offer.

Feel free to share where’d you travel to in the Universe and why in the comments below.

Don’t forget, social sharing is caring.

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